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Thread: Warface (Russian)

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    Warface (Russian)

    The Russian version of Warface has been released for a bit now.

    If you're interested in navigating the minefield that is the Russian language you can download, register, and play it with the Russian client. It's a Free 2 Play model

    Kotaku had an article here ( about how each Country/Region is getting their own variant to gameplay and pay mechanics. Apparently Russians will refuse to play if it's Pay 2 Win where China is all for that model as one example.

    Anyways...I'm giving it a try because it has coop PVE missions and traditional versus PVP style deathmatches and objectives and the Russian client is a brutal realistic simulation unlike North America will probably get upon release.

    Open the link above in Chrome and it will offer enough translations adequate enough to get yourself registered with log in and game Handle.

    In client there may be an English option for most of the text and some people may be working on a file swap to make anything else in English...once I get more satisfaction this is a legit file and not a keylogger etc I'll try to post the link for the file.

    Edit: English Files!!! Ran virus checks before, during game running, and post shutdown and got no flags. These file swapped per instructions in forum post change the in game text to English so can understand wtf is going on.
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