Gears of War 3 Game Night: The games will start at approximately 9pm Eastern Standard Time and run until there are no more players left. If you would like to participate, please post in this thread. There is no limit to how many people can participate as we can create several rooms to accomodate everyone

If you would like to be a Host, please include ďHostĒ in your post. The maximum number of players in each Gears of War 3 Private room is 10. You may also indicate the game type that you would like to host: Execution, Warzone, Team Death Match, Kill of the Hill, Capture the Leader, etc. You may add additional comments as you see fit.

If you decide later that you do not want to be a Host, please post accordingly so that people are not waiting for you to start a room.

Notes for Hosts:
All Hosts should be on the Friendís of Friendís List.
Hosts will start rooms in the order that they post in this thread.
Once the first room is started, the second Host on the list may start a new room but they should only do so: if the previous Host's room fills up, or he/she shuts his/her room down, or does not show up. As a courtesy, please allow the first Host 15 minutes grace.
Please note that the Host List only represents those that are eligible to Host games.
If you have space, please add all the Hosts to your friends list so you can communicate between each other to determine if rooms are full.
Change status to "Busy" when your room is full.
If you get an XBL message from someone wanting to get into your room, but they are not on your Friendís List, you can use the same message to view the sender's profile and send an invite from there.
Please note that the room should be filled based on the list of participants in this thread. As a courtesy, please allow the participants 15 minutes grace. If they donít show up, the spots are then available on a first come, first serve basis.
Please do not reserve spots for people who did not sign up to participate in this thread. If there are spots available, those may be given on a first come, first serve basis.
These Game Nights are designed to accommodate members of AGE. We realize that many of you have other friends who you would also like to play with, who are not members. If you would like your friend to be able to play in an AGE Game Room, you could encourage them to become members of AGE, if they meet the requirements. Alternatively, they may join in the Game Night, if there are free spots available and all members who signed up are already in the room. Please check with the Host.

Notes for Participants (non-hosts):
Getting into a match is simple. Before the Game Night begins, send a message to the Host with the word "invite". We recommend this as it is easier to check and allows for a quicker response. The Host will send you an invite immediately, if there is a spot.
You may also send this message after the Game Night starts to find out if there is a spot available.
It would also be helpful if you have the Host on your Xbox Live Friendís List. If you do not have the Host on your Friendís List, you may use the Gears of War Friends of Friends List to find them.
You may also send them a text message before the match saying that you want to participate in their room for that night. They can view your profile from that message and send you a game invite. This is an example of a message, I see you are a host this week for Gears of War 3 starting at 9pm EST; I would appreciate a game invite once you set it up.
The Host will set his/her online status to "Busy" when his/her room is full.
Please remember that the maximum amount of players is 10 per room. The spots are taken on a first come, first serve basis. If the room is full, and you are unable to get into any other rooms, you will be in the queue to take the first spot that becomes available. The host will send you an invite as soon as a spot is available.

Hosts NB* Unfortunately everytime you want to check/send messages or change your status be aware that you will pause the game for everyone! Please try to do these things when the round is over so as not to interrupt game play.

Participants NB* Your patience is appreciated when the host needs to take care of business. Thanks!