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Steam Summer Camp Sale!! June 30-July 10

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When thinking about summer a few things come to mind. Baseball, camping trips, cookouts, mowing the lawn.....but undoubtedly the most exciting thing about summer is the STEAM SUMMER SALE!!!

Well good news everyone, it's here!!!

The basic premiss is this: they put a bunch of games on sale for one day, and then change them the next. This will go on for the next ten days, and you can pretty much guarantee that whatever game you're waiting on will go on sale (unless it's a major new release, but there's still a good chance).

So open up Steam and start shopping! If you do not have Steam, head on over to and browse the store and download the client. Also be sure to check out the AGE Steam group.

If you're not sure whether a game will run on your system, surf on over to Can You Run It. It will scan your computer and compare it to the system requirements for any game you choose, very handy for PC gaming!

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  1. badcooky81's Avatar
    There are some great deals on day one! Most notably The Witcher 2 (if you have not picked up this game, what are you waiting for?!!?), Oblivion GOTY, and Borderlands GOTY. You can't beat any of those deals with a stick.
  2. Steam888's Avatar
    Thanks for the heads up as I'm new to Steam in the last couple months. I may have to start a Summer Camp of my own, I like that name.
  3. Toothcake's Avatar
    My wallet hates this time of year.
  4. f1sh's Avatar
    The "Square Enix Summer Collector Pack" is calling my name... but must resist...