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03-15-2011, 05:59 AM
All right boys, it's been a week since release....So, what are ya'll thinking about the game? I know we had some opinions posted over in the League Interest threads, but I figured there should be a thread dedicated strictly to just the game itself. That way, we won't be cluttering the League thread up.

I've put in about 10 full games of MLB2K against actual players and while the presentation (stat overlay, commentary, not graphics) is just as good as it's been for the past two seasons, I've seen some strange defensive problems that make me scratch my head and have caused some extra bases/runs that otherwise would have been routine plays. There was one particulary frustrating thing where the ball would lightly bounce in front of the pitcher, but then the pitcher would make no movement toward the ball until the baserunner was basically already on first.

There was another problem I've seen where a fly ball will be in the outfield, I've moved the fielder into where I thought the ball would land. I wasn't RIGHT ON the orange indicator that pops up only a few seconds before the ball drops, and my guy didn't even make an attempt on the ball. The ball landed, then bounced behind the outfielder to the wall, allowing extra bases and a run. That being said, these strange fielding errors don't really happen TOO often, but they are in there enough that can be frustrating.

I unfortunately haven't had any time with the My Player mode, but I enjoyed it last year and I can only assume that it'll be just as good this year.

Overall though, this is a solid game of baseball when playing the full game against the CPU/HUM. There are some strange fielding errors that I'm seeing that have me a little worried, but I still enjoy it and can't wait to finally get some time to play some of you fools online [Y]

03-18-2011, 08:00 AM
I love the game personally but had a couple issues. One being that the fielders were so slow and seemed hampered by the ratings. The other problem was the injury issues and everyone getting hurt all the time. NOW I went to operation sports and read up on some sliders and man oh man I found the best sliders I have ever used.


Get em on 2kShare and it totally changes how the game feels and its great! It makes the game SO much more realistic with everything. I was getting upset for awile b/c I could blow the cpu out on pro but on All-Star I had much more of a problem holding down the cpu from having HUGE innings over and over..this fixes everything. I play with indians and vs'd the white sox last night..game ended 3-1 and it FELT like real baseball. I cant wait to play it tonight! Try em out and read the posts about it and you will see what I am talking about!

03-18-2011, 09:21 AM
Yeah, I keep forgetting about Operation Sports and how crazy that community is about setting up sliders. I'll have to pop over there and check it out--thanks for reminding me!

Seriously, those guys can pretty much take any sports game on there and make the game play a LOT more realistic with their slider tweaks--they're a dedicated bunch. [Y]